-- 11.03.2013 The street is calling --

Friends, we're finally hitting the road again next week.
We can't wait to party with y'all again!

Check the dates in our "shows" section and come by.

Btw: We finally managed to upload our whole discography to bandcamp. Check it out. Maybe you can sing along already when we meet up.


See you soon!

-- 01.10.2012 New EP and tour --


we'll be releasing our new EP this friday. You can now stream the songs off of it until then. Check 'em out!


Afterwards we'll be heading out for two week to tour Europe with the amazing ELWAY from Ft. Collins, USA.
Check the dates and come party with us.

See you all soon!

-- 02.08.2012 It's been a while... --

...yeah, we know. Work, school and stuff like this kind of overwhelmed us and it was a little bit quiet for some time now.

But we have been busy all the time. We locked ourselves into our practice space to write new tunes. At the moment we're recording them. The music will be released as an EP on October 5th this year.

This will also be the first date of our European tour with our friends in ELWAY.

Check out the show-section. There are new shows posted already and more coming in any time now.

See all of you soon.
Can't wait to finally hit the road again.

-- 19.12.2011 UK Tour --

So it seems to finally make sense that we also have an english page.

Just wanted to let you know, that we're gonna tour the UK in January alongside with the amazing dudes in LEAGUES APART (www.facebook.com/leaguesapart)

Please find all the dates in the 'shows' section.

See you there!

England keep my boner!

Is it christmas already?

-- 18.10.2011 Bags are packed... --

That's it. Our bags are being packed right now and we can't wait one minute more.
Our good friend Philipp (is ready to go too) we know this is gonna be one of the best times of our lives.
We're looking forward to meeting all the familiar and non-familiar faces on the road...

21.10.11 FR- Épinal, Bar Le Rivoli
22.10.11 FR-Bordeaux, Le Fiacre
26.10.11 IT-Castiglione d. Stiviere, Arci Dallò

27.10.11 D-Konstanz, Contrast
28.10.11 CH-Winterthur, Gisi
29.10.11 D-Sulzbach-Rosenberg, JuZ Hängematte
30.10.11 AT-Wien, Ekh
31.10.11 CZ-Prag, Café na pul cesty
01.11.11 D-Leipzig, 4rooms
02.11.11 D-Berlin, K19
03.11.11 D-Hamburg, MS Hedi
04.11.11 D-Schwerte, Rattenloch
05.11.11 D-Illingen, JuZ
06.11.11 D-Gießen, AK44

Between the 23rd and 26th,  we'll hang out by the Cote d'Azur. There are way worse spaces to chill on off-days...

See all of you soon!


-- 16.09.2011 Today is the day --

Finally everything makes sense again...

TODAY is the releasedate of our debut album TWELVE LITTLE COMPLIMENTS.

You can now purchause it in nearly each European show.

Don't want to search?
Check this out:

Friends overseas:
Hold on a few more days for details on our US release.


-- 01.09.2011 Preorder --

Hello friends,

the preorder for our new record (LP/CD) starts today.



-- 29.08.2011 Here we go.... --

Finally we have arranged to load up a homepage. Nothing spectacular but at least it's informative :)

The preorder for our new record "twelve little compliments" starts on thursday (September 1st) at www.bfr-records.de
(American friends: We'll have news for you later this month!).
We're more than stoked that you finally get to hear our record this month after all the energy, cigarettes, beer and love we've put in it.
You can already hear two songs called "Sleepless Romatic" and "If you'd stay" on our facebook-page (www.facebook.com/allaboardnow).

Furthermore we have two new shirtdesigns which we'll have in stock at our upcoming shows and maybe sometime soon in our shop here.

Take a look:

Shirt "Pill":
Girlie M-L, Men S-XL

Shirt "Hand":
Men only! S-XL

We'll be back with more information!